"Investing in Innovation: Building a Sustainable Knowledge-based Economy"

A warm invitation to our 10th INSME Annual Meeting & Forum!


insme-globe-logoThe 10th INSME Annual Meeting & Forum is going to be a special event as it stands for the 10th Anniversary of the International Network for SMEs. Back in 2004, the Association started with promoting internationalization of national innovation systems. Since then the network has been growing continuously and has been facilitating transnational cooperation among a variety of innovation stakeholders successfully, with a view to fostering SMEs’ access to knowledge at international level.

We, Mr Ibrahim Al Mansoori, Chief Operations Officer, Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development & INSME Vice President, Ms Simona Marzetti, acting Secretary General from 2004 till December 2011 (now INSME Board Advisor) and Ms Christin Pfeiffer, current INSME Secretary General, are privileged to host you in Abu Dhabi. It will be the best opportunity to present you the main Network achievements throughout a decade of activities, its increasing services portfolio for the benefits of INSME members and its challenging action plan for a sustainable future.

The INSME Annual Meeting & Forum is a perfect place to increase knowledge sharing among INSME Members by learning from others’ experiences and expertise. But it is much more than that: for all innovation stakeholders and practitioners it represents a valuable occasion to meet relevant economic players, to discuss most topics which are on the top of  the international agenda and to potentially identify the right talents, partners, clients, sponsors and investors for future business activities, as well as to market proper services, projects and ideas by reaching the appropriate professional audience.

By looking back to the start, we feel proud that the INSME network is steadily growing despite the global financial crisis and that our 100 member Association – as of today - is the only private and public multi-stakeholder and  knowledge-based platform that has a truly global outreach to make innovation happen in SMEs!

Thanks to our members and international partners that have been supporting us from the start and thanks to the newest entries, we are committed to continue to work hard to meet our goals, enriching INSME’s knowledge and services portfolio even further.

Local strength, global reach – 10 years of INSME: great then – better now!
We look forward to meeting you soon in Abu Dhabi!



Ibrahim Al Mansoori
Chief Operations Officer
Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development &
INSME Vice President


Christin Pfeiffer
INSME Secretary General 


Simona Marzetti
INSME Board Advisor & Former Secretary General