Abstract for the 10th INSME Annual Meeting
Round Table 2

“Clusters as Drivers of Innovation”


Vedat Kunt
Partner, VEGO Consulting Ltd.


Clusters are geographic concentration of firms from a related industry and institutions. Clusters exist all around the world in different sectors from industry, to trade, artisan work, agriculture, tourism, and finance. Besides firms, major actors of a cluster are; Governmental Organizations, NGOs, Universities and R&D Institutions, Financial Corporations, and these actors interact with each other in multiple ways and there is an intensive flow of technology, information, finance, goods and services within any cluster. Clusters are not limited in their interactions within themselves, but there is also intensive flow of all kind activity to and from other clusters and regions of the world.

Clusters provide a natural ecosystem for firms to cooperate, and cooperation is the fundamental driver behind what makes firms and eventually a region innovative and competitive. All actors of a cluster ecosystem interact with each other on institutional as well as personal levels and this creates an ideal flow of information and knowhow and leads to mobility of people and ideas; this eventually feeds innovation in the cluster and throughout the region across other sectors and clusters.

Round Table Content

During this round table, we will discuss;

  • Cluster concept
  • Cluster ecosystem and interaction and cooperation between cluster actors
  • Innovation on firm and institutional level
  • How clusters help firms and institutions become innovative
  • Innovation cases at firm and institutional level
  • Competitiveness within the context of clusters and innovation