Abstract for the 10th INSME Annual Meeting
Round Table 4

“Addressing Entrepreneurs needs through e-Knowledge platforms"



Nizar Cheniour
Director – Enterprise Development & Support Dept
Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development, UAE
(INSME Member)

Dr. Sherif Elabdelwahab
National Entrepreneurship Institute (Riyadah),
Saudi Arabia
(INSME Member)


In this intensive information era, technology is become necessity and not an option. It is, and will continue to be a key driver in the knowledge access and exchange. Through technological advancements in e learning and knowledge management, a new system has emerged called e-knowledge and is reshaping the way information is being exchanged and experienced through different e-platforms.

With the Globalization, the Arab world and the region are also facing the same opportunities and challenges   related to the infrastructure and transformation in the learning processes offering more channels for the new generation of entrepreneurs to innovate, prepare and launch their ventures.

How can innovation in e-knowledge platforms benefit the entrepreneurs in our region? What are the key issues and challenges related to information technology and entrepreneurs? And what is the future of this new learning model in the Arab world?