Why Abu Dhabi?

On a land that has a fertile soil for achievements, the story began. Here, Abu Dhabi, the Capital of the United Arab Emirate, has got its name from the abundant existence of gazelles. Since its start, it was an oasis for life in region.


Even the seeds of promising thoughts found a suitable soil to grow and draw the features of this beautiful country. Every big success story started as a small idea, followed by intensive study and development and sponsored by generous hands and wise guidance that knew exactly how to transform visions to unmatched accomplishments.

The wise leadership’s awareness of the paramount importance of innovation paved the way towards a nation that the whole world is looking at.


Having moved firmly beyond the middle-income economy status, Abu Dhabi of today represents one of the most dynamic regions and capitals of the world.
Abu Dhabi is the host city of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) headquarters. The significance of this decision stems from the fact that the country is the first Arab nation to host a leading international organization, underpinning the high confidence placed on it by the international community.

Abu Dhabi is also the home to Masdar City, the emerging global hub for renewable energy and clean technologies, and the heart of 18 Higher Education Institutions operating in Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi is expected to play a supportive role to its sister City Dubai during the Expo 2020.

Abu Dhabi became a true destination of distinction, it is developing at a significant rate while keeping a watchful eye on its intriguing past. Whether you are visiting the capital, the eastern city of Al Ain or the western region of Al Gharbia, you will discover a genuine leisure haven with attractions for every taste.


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